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10 Sustainable Brands Fashion Girls Are Obsessed With

Trends are fun to play around with, but by nature they go out as quickly as they came in. That said, we don’t see any slowing down with the recent shift for shoppers to start stocking their closets with more sustainably made pieces. Whether it be in the form of small, local production, the use of recycled materials, or a number of other factors throughout the manufacturing process, many labels are making it their mission to reduce the massive carbon footprint the fashion business—and fast fashion in particular—is notorious for.

If you’ve ever assumed that eco-friendly is synonymous with frumpy, then you haven’t been keeping up with the latest sustainable brands. But we’re here to tell you that the fashion insiders are. A few big names like Stella McCartney and even H&M have created conscious collections, but there’s also a slew of cool, emerging brands that are committed to making their pieces more mindfully. If you’re trying to be more kind to the environment, we’ve rounded up some labels that will make you feel good about where you’re spending you hard-earned cash.

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