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These 8 Trends Are About To Be Everywhere

While we’re currently battling winter’s harsh cold (LA inhabitants, you don’t understand), designers have already mapped out our wardrobes for warmer weather ahead. No, we don’t mean swimwear and summer dresses (though they’ll certainly be on our shopping lists soon!), we’re talking about that tricky period between summer and fall—aka, the pre-fall collections. A seemingly odd time to shop, this in-between season is ideal for acquiring new pieces after you’ve exhausted your summer staples and want to start planning your fall wardrobe.

So, what’s in store come July and August? An overall vibe of masculine meets feminine with bits of Western influence and a sway of the ’80s. Deconstruction plays a large role, too, as closet staples are reworked and made fresh.

Ahead, we break down eight easy-to-wear yet impactful trends from the pre-fall collections. Get your preview here and shop our edit of pieces (that you can start wearing now!) to keep yourself ahead of the fashion curve.

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