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FREECITY Launches Denim

FREECITY, the California-based brand known for its comfy approach to outdoor living (and the kind of sweats you can’t take off), has just added denim to its repertoire.

Made in Japan and hand-finished in California, the jeans are 100% cotton, so they feel super broken-in. Each of the four iterations also boast different patches of leather, suede, wool, and even tent tarp, plus cool details like pins and fraying, making them all super unique.

Extra bonus: they’re unisex, so that should save space when packing for your next camping trip.

Freecity Comp

Availability:, $385-$650

Parallel Universe

  • Distressed Patch Pocketed Blue Jeans



  • Patch Jeans



  • Checks and Holes Skinny Jeans

    Chic Nova


  • Skinny Low Ankle Jeans



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