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Heir Atelier Ultimate Makeup Prep Facial Serum

They say that proper preparation prevents poor performance, and we find the expression to be totally true in regards to our makeup. Ever on a mission to create a flawless face, we cherish the sacred step of priming before applying our foundation and all else. This brings us to Heir Atelier’s Ultimate Makeup Prep Facial Serum, a new indispensable step in your daily cosmetic regime.Promising to present one with a perfect canvas for applying maquillage, this innovative concoction was envisioned by pro makeup artist Kendra Richards to help yield a camera-ready complexion. Formulated with anti-aging peptides, jojoba oils and antioxidant vitamins (plus zero parabens!), it offers your visage a delicious cocktail of benefits that range from hydration to nourishment and protection against environmental damage. Is your primping routine missing something? Fill in the gap in a flash with Heir Atelier!

Availability: Heir Atelier Ultimate Makeup Prep Facial Serum ($38). For additional information, visit

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