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Kendall Jenner’s Travel Bucket List Isn’t What You’d Expect

With her clothing line, endorsements and modeling jobs, it’s no surprise Kendall Jenner lives a jet-set lifestyle that combines business and pleasure. Sure, she might find herself working 24/7, but when she finally gets a break, the reality star knows how to do a vacation right. Like us, Kendall appears to have her own travel bucket list—and the destinations are surprisingly relatable, from a bamboo house in Bali to a cool home near Joshua Tree, and affordable. “Staying in hotels is obviously so nice (room service!), but I love staying in a home when I’m traveling, because I get a better vibe of the location,” she writes on her website. “It definitely makes me feel more like a local.” Here, the places the elder Jenner sister wishes to explore. (You can bet we’ve added them to our list, too.)