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Hit The Trail

As anyone leading a hectic life will tell you, keeping one’s energy levels up throughout the day is crucial! When blood sugar drops, it is not pretty. One of the healthiest ways to stay alert is by snacking on your favorite assortment of treats. MixMyGranola makes this easy—you have to try them out for all of your on-the-go grazing.

How many of you trail mix junkies, like myself, have yet to find your perfect all-faves-in-one blend, so you always pick out only the best parts? With MixMyGranola, those days are over! This ingenious site was created for you to customize your own yummy mix. Have a sweet tooth? Make yours with a lot of peanut butter bites and chocolate raisins. There are plenty of treats for the salt lovers too—roasted almonds, yogurt pretzels and more…! The possibilities are endless—it is truly bananas…which they have too 🙂  xoRZ

Zoe Do: Keep gift certificates in mind for the holidays. Fab and affordable!

Availability: (mixes begin at $9). Enter coupon code RACHELZOE at checkout and receive 20% off your order.

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