Special Edition: J Brand Ready-To-Wear

Our 10 Favorite Pieces From J Brand’s Debut Collection

Step into TZR HQ on any given day and there is a distinct possibility that at least a few of us will be rocking our favorite J Brand jeans—we can’t live without them! If you love their perfectly fitting denim as much as we do, then you’re go to flip to know they are launching their very first Ready-To-Wear Collection this spring! Ba-na-nas.

As good as one might expect, the LA-based label’s first foray into designing a complete collection is a total smash. A seamless extension of their coveted jeans, every piece is effortless, unfussy, sexy and very relevant to one’s wardrobe. In fact, the lineup is so fabulous that we couldn’t resist taking the time to pick out our most-loved looks—10 of them, to be exact! So, what’s the fashion forecast this spring? We predict J Brand!

Availability: Shop our 10 favorite spring looks from J Brand’s first ever Ready-To-Wear Collection now. For additional information, visit

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