Aloe Ally

Kerstin Florian Aloe Gel

As we have stated before and will continue to ad nauseam, the skin you’re in is your most vital accessory. With sun exposure at an all-time high during the summer, it is crucial to have a plan of action for both protecting your dear ‘dermis during pool and beachside bathing, as well as treating it with a little TLC afterwards. This is where Kerstin Florian’s Aloe Gel comes into play!

A non-negotiable addition to our seasonal beauty arsenal, we have long relied on the benefits of aloe vera in our skincare regimen. Taking the traditional remedy up a notch, Kerstin Florian adds sea-derived vitamins and minerals to the equation, resulting in a miraculous mixture that hydrates, soothes and heals. Our summer strategy to prevent the sun from getting the best of us? Hiding out under a floppy hat and square sunnies with sunblock and aloe gel nearby at all times!

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