A sole-crushing lesson in suffering, although we’re hopelessly devoted to sky-high heels, all it takes is one glamorous night on the town to leave our feet aching for days. The solution? Kerstin Florian’s next level survival tool Kerstin Florian’s Kräuter Fuß Balm.

A must-have miracle worker, this minty moisturizer cools, refreshes and softens stressed soles in snap! Made with an invigorating blend of rosemary, lavender and menthol, we love its crisp scent and pedicure-protecting formula. If a well-heeled weakness has you suffering in the name of fashion, we highly recommend you get your hands on this buttery balm and treat those tired feet to a soothing slather!

Availability: Kerstin Florian Kräuter Fuß Balm ($32). For additional information, visit Kerstinflorianusa.com.

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