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La Prairie Cellular Power Serum

It is never too soon, or too late, to formulate an anti-aging agenda. So if you have been skirting the issue, kindly allow us to offer guidance as you devise your plan of attack with La Prairie’s Cellular Power Serum. The latest release from the luxury skincare line, this cell energizer takes an entirely fresh approach to rewinding the clock.

Conceived of a plant-infused complex, ginseng root extract and glycoproteins, a bottle of Cellular Power Serum promises to revitalize your skin while also awakening your natural self-defense network to prevent future damage. A stellar alternative to invasive treatments, with daily usage, this professional product will reveal a truly younger you. Is your face feeling fatigued from a summer of sun exposure or too many all-nighters? Don’t wait another minute to power up the renewal process with La Prairie!

Availability: La Prairie Cellular Power Serum ($475). For additional information, visit

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