LaRocca Champagne And Shimmer Polish

Though we can’t help but be thrilled by fall’s chilly temperatures, saying farewell to sun-kissed summer skin means it’s time to get an exfoliated leg up on winter! Blessed with La Rocca’s new Champagne and Shimmer Polish, our hopes for flaunting glowing gams all season long just got one scrub closer.

Formulated with a luxurious blend of brown sugar, acai extracts and 24-karat gold—maj!—this lavish body scrub takes extravagant exfoliation to new, radiant territory. An ultra-rich polish that perfectly preps skin for a faux glow, avoid a washed-out winter before it starts by boosting lackluster limbs with a thorough buffing, a touch of body lotion and self tanner. Luminescent legs? Done and done!

Availability: LaRocca Champagne And Shimmer Polish ($38). For additional information, visit

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