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The 12 Best Movies About Female Friendship

We’re well into the age of the Bechdel Test (the commonly accepted criteria for whether or not a movie can be considered as treating women fairly has actually been around for 30 years), and yet it’s undeniably true that most movies still don’t even come close to passing it. The fact is, all too many movies to this day revolve around men’s needs, wants, and concerns, with women’s desires being pretty much limited to the pursuit of a man.

Of course, there are some shining moments of feminist friendships on film, as I was so recently reminded when watching Korean psycho-sexual thriller The Handmaiden; it’s pretty much a perfect movie, to be quite frank. And definitely one of its highlights is the relationship—complicated, empowering, semi-insane, but totally beautiful—between its two lead characters. This got me thinking about other films which capture the at times infuriating, often rewarding, but always worthwhile relationship reality between women. Here then, are 12 films which capture female friendships in their often imperfect glory in a realistic (okay, sometimes surrealistic), relatable way.

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