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The $20-And-Under Rosés We’ll Be Drinking All Summer

Over the past few years, rosé has made a resurgence of sorts, becoming the warm-weather drink of choice for It girls and oenophiles alike. However, despite its current trendy status, this pink wine has been enjoyed for centuries—literally. “The first wines in history were actually rosé,” explains sommelier Victoria James. “The roots of pink wine go back a lot further than people think, and extraordinary examples are being made today by exceptional winemakers all over the world. Just like red and white, rosé has its place on the table and is beloved by sommeliers. It’s one of the most versatile wines and pairs well with a broad range of foods—from artichokes to asparagus to anchovies!” As someone who literally wrote the book on rosé, Drink Pink, Victoria is the source for all things on the subject.

She goes on to share just how varied the rosy wine sector can be. “From a dark and inky Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo from Italy to an effervescent and light pink Bugey-Cerdon from France, there’s something for everyone,” says Victoria. “Some rosés are closer to white wines while others could almost be mistaken for red wine.”

And just like any wine or liquor, this one is not without its below-par players. “If something sounds gimmicky, it probably isn’t worth drinking,” says Victoria (read more about why here). If you haven’t jumped on the rosé bandwagon yet, you probably just haven’t tried the right one. And now that we’ve sufficiently made our case for this lovely pink drink, is it safe to assume that you’re ready to enjoy a glass (or three)? Read on for Victoria’s suggestions, and uncork one of these sommelier-approved bottles that can be found for $20 and under.

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