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7 Miraculous Cellulite-Busting Recipes

We’re all about accepting our bodies as they are—natural, sometimes a little lumpier in one area than another and, ultimately, miraculous machines that allow us to get out of bed each day and do amazing things. Still, cellulite is not the easiest thing to love, no matter how well-adjusted we are about our looks. It’s just … well, you know. And as we get older, cellulite becomes more and more of an issue, as lowered estrogen is linked to an increase in this blight. Most of you probably know that genetics play a large role in whether or not we are plagued by cellulite and to what to degree, but no matter your situation, you should take heart in knowing that regular exercise and proper diet can help reduce its appearance. Here, seven anti-cellulite recipes, so you can maximize the health and aesthetic benefits of every meal.

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