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Astrology Meet Cocktails: What’s The Best Summer Drink For Your Sign?

It’s the height of summer, and while that doesn’t mean some of us aren’t working our butts off in the sweltering heat, it does mean happy hour seems like it should be every hour and all day long. For those of us who like a little escape, an escape is surely in order. Close your eyes, star children, and imagine a cool summery cocktail sweating right beside you. Maybe you’re reading a book, something smart but not too heavy, like We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby. A breeze kicks up, and you unstick your thighs from that impractical metal chair, some cutie walks by and smiles at you. Life is okay sometimes; life has its small pleasures. Like solitude when it feels permeable—open to beautiful interruption. Like cocktails that taste just right—made for you, even.

Here, I’ve imagined a lovely drink for each star sign, a cosmic suggestion. I warn you in advance, I suggest rum to no one. If you are looking for rum, you must make that quest on your own.

For the full list, visit Nylon.

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