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7 Healthy Snack Dupes For The Junk Food You Secretly Love

We’d love to be the kind of people who eat carrot sticks as snacks, but try as we might, this just does not seem to be the case 90% (okay, 99%) of the time. When we’re at the office, it’s especially difficult to resist the siren song of the processed foods we’ve been mindlessly shoveling into our mouths to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner for most of our lives. So, while we do think it’s important to add clean, veggie-oriented snacks into the mix, we know you can’t always satisfy midday cravings with farmer’s market finds. For the days when nothing short of your favorite guilty pleasure will do, we’ve compiled a list of recipes that offer a healthier take on classic snacks; here, seven junk-food dupes to bookmark, stat.

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