5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Green

When it comes to home decor the prospect of “going green” might seem overwhelming and, let’s face it, not entirely glamorous, but if you ask us, it’s all about making small, conscious choices rather than overhauling your entire pad in one fell swoop. As you ready your place for spring guests, parties and family fun, keep these environmentally-friendly shopping rules front of mind. (And if you’re getting rid of old stuff before you buy anew, find an eco-minded company like The ReUse People to help you toss unwanted items with care.)

Rifle Paper Co. Los Angeles Print, $40

1. Buy Local When You Can

Not only do locally-made items give your interior personality and charm, they also tend to have a lighter carbon footprint than mass-market home decor.

Rattan Hanging Lamp, $498

2. Look For Sustainable Materials

From bamboo and jute to recycled glass, home items made from renewable resources can be found in almost any store. For eco-only retailers try Bambeco and Canvas Home.

Indego Africa Plateau Basket, $60

3. Buy Items That Support Artisans

Handmade items that support local craftspeople and their communities allow you to know exactly where and how the item you're purchasing came to be.

Hans J. Wegner Papa Bear Chair, $2985

4. Invest In Items You'll Never Have To Replace

Whenever you have the opportunity to invest in an item of quality over a poorly constructed plastic stand-in, jump on it.

Vintage Fabric Pillows, $295.

5. Buy Vintage Instead of New

Give pre-loved items a new home by shopping at flea markets and vintage stores for fun home decor. Our new fave spot for one-of-a-kind treasure: Furbish.

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