Easy Ways To Make Your Apartment Look More Stylish

Claire Esparros

Remember Coveteur co-founder Stephanie Mark’s apartment? Decorator Fiona Byrne previously tackled the kitchen, bedroom and closet and completely transformed them into super-comfortable spaces. To round out the whole project, Fiona hit Steph’s dining and living space.

At the get-go, the room had only the basics, so she set out to add some statement pieces, plants and even turned an odd little cubby into a super-stylish bar. Watch the video to see how she totally made over the room, and click through the pictures below for a step-by-step take on the overhaul.

Fiona’s Tips For Transforming Your Space

1. Never underestimate the power of plants. Yes, they are fashionable, but they really make a place feel like a home. The chair is from One Kings Lane, coffee table by Article, plant from Sprout.

2. Tonal looks aren’t just for your wardrobe. You can create a cool look by grouping items of the same color together. I found the bookshelf at Muji, the side table is from Bend Goods and the lamp is Foscarini.

3. We chose this shelving unit by Article because shape-wise it’s interesting and the room needed a vertical moment. Now Steph’s vintage Bambi lamp sits proudly on top of it.

4. Poster Child Prints is a rad destination for affordable art, and this is one of a series by illustrator Meghann Stephenson.

5. Red brick can be a little oppressive, so we lightened up the area with a pale rug and a white print from Society 6. The blue chairs are by Bend Goods.

To watch the video and see the full article go to Coveteur.


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