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5 Things To Remember When Your Heart Is Broken

As a kid, did you ever try to swim the length of the pool without taking a breath? Slowly pushing against the onslaught of water with a purposeful breaststroke, desperately trying to reach the other side so your lungs could get some relief? Heartbreak is much like that. Navigating your way through it can feel like you’re wading slowly against a seemingly immovable mass, all the while feeling like your chest is going to explode. It’s misery. And we’ve all been there. Or if you haven’t, you’re lucky. But I have. More than once. More than twice even, which means I have the fortune (or misfortune, in this case) of possessing enough life experience to potentially give useful advice to others.

I realized this recently when I met a friend of a friend in the throes of a recent breakup. After a night out and a few drinks, the tears came, which she had clearly been holding in all night. We talked and talked, I shared my experiences, we laughed, she cried a little more and then we both got so tired we couldn’t talk anymore. It got me thinking about breakups and the whirlwind of emotions and stages you go through before finally reaching the other side. And you do reach the other side.

Here, I’ve listed five things it’s important to remember when you’re battling a broken heart.

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