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How To Find Friends In A New City

I didn’t really get it before.

I mean, I had moved before—roughly nine times in the course of nine years—but all of those were apartment switches in a city I called home for close to a decade. It wasn’t until my husband and I decided to relocate from Los Angeles to Nashville (with about three weeks notice) that I got it. Moving isn’t just the proverbial test of “which friends love us the most to help us move our stuff across town…and who also happen to have a truck and a desire to work for free pizza.” It isn’t just an exhausting trek that takes a toll on your wallet, hygiene, and sanity. Moving, despite the excitement and adventure therein, is hard. Really hard.

And as an adult who is no longer tucked safely in the cohort of college dorm rooms or lecture halls, it can be especially hard to make new friends in a brand new city. It’s hard to leave what’s familiar and comfortable, and it’s hard to open yourself up to vulnerability. But, I promise, you can do it. And you’ll be all the more wiser, smarter, and compassionate because of it.

So, if you find yourself in a similar place of starting over and in need of friends, wind up that virtual Rolodex and start here:

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