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How To Survive A First Date

Sometimes, first dates are the best—there’s a sense of promise, the belief that your life might change over wine and spaghetti (or, more accurately in 2017, a liquid meal at the dive bar around the corner from your date’s house, split in the dutch manner, of course). Other times, first dates are the worst, replete with awkward small talk, accidental land mines and a lot of dead air time. Ideally, the former outnumber the latter in your life, though that’s unlikely to be the case as a good first date should, technically, eliminate the need for additional first dates, right? To help you endeavor toward this enviable outcome and have fun in the process, we asked Alex Williamson el-Effendi, Head of Brand at Bumble, for some pointers. Here, her tips for surviving—and thriving—on a first date.

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