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Miley Cyrus’ Commment On Liam Hemsworth’s Instagram Is ALL Of Us

ICYMI, over the weekend Liam Hemsworth posted a couple of things that had fans in a tizzy. One was a series of photos in which he is making a very convincing case for tiny shorts, and the other was a selfie with fiancée Miley Cyrus.


My little angel and I.

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Adorbs. But the best part of the photo was Miley’s comment: “Why. This. Picture lol.”

A well-meaning significant other posting a picture of you that you don’t like? Girl, we’ve been there. (Though, in all fairness, ours would only be seen by our BF’s 300 followers versus Liam’s 8.9 million.)

Now here’s those aforementioned tiny-short pictures, just because you know you want to take a peek. You’re welcome.


Here’s to ice baths and flexing in tiny shorts

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