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The 7-Step Guide To Dealing With Being Ghosted

So, you’ve been ghosted, and you’re feeling super weird about it. First you were angry. Then you were sad. If you’re like many of us, the next step is to blame yourself and your perceived shortcomings for the disappearance of this (potential or realized) paramour. Then you probably stopped to think, maybe something bad happened, at which point you asked your best friend if you’re allowed to reach out to make sure he or she wasn’t mauled by a mountain lion. Your friend gave you a much-needed reality check, and you returned to hoping they were mauled by a mountain lion. Such is the beauty of dating in 2017, when anyone from a person you’ve never even met in “real life” to someone you’ve shared many dates with can disappear from your iMessage chain without a trace. Here’s how to handle this unpleasant, oft-maddening scenario with grace.

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