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The Most Compatible Sign For You, According To An Astrologist

Have you ever noticed that the bulk of your friendships seem to be limited to just a few different astrological signs? For example, you’ll celebrate ten birthdays in May and then none until September? This is definitely the case for us, which is why we believe there might be something to dating according to your sign. So, we tapped Bess Matassa of Mojave Rising to help us figure out on whom we should set our sights. She’s written the following partnerships around the idea of polarity, as the signs she’s paired up are opposites on the zodiac; however, what this actually means in astrology is that both signs are “working around the same issue and helping each other equilibrate along that axis.” According to Bess, the upcoming fall equinox on September 22 will start the seasons of partnerships, so now is the time to be dating up a storm!

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