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Meditation Is So 2016—Try These New Trends Instead

We’ll do anything to quiet our minds.

LA Juice

This DIY Detox Juice Will Help Keep You Healthy Through The Holidays

…and beyond!


How To Let Go Of Envy And Be Happy With What You Have

Festive-season FOMO is real—but one expert says with the right tools, you can spin it into something positive.

satc hate working out 1000

6 Fitness Swaps To Try If You Hate Working Out

Hate running? Read this!


5 Ways To Detox That You've Probably Never Thought Of

Take a break from the season’s overindulgence.

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel's Post-Baby Body Is "Shameless"

“Getting back into the Daisy Dukes.”


A Celebrity Trainer Shares Easy Workout Moves To Do At Home

Battle the bloat with Selena Gomez’s trainer.

Photo Credit: Pintrest

The Workout-Detox Combo That Jennifer Aniston Swears By

To call Jennifer Aniston a beauty influencer would be an understatement.


Reduce Stress With These 6 Daily Habits

Because heaven knows we can all use it.

victoria's secret model ab workout martha hunt 1000

These 3 Moves Guarantee SUPER Sexy Abs Like A Victoria's Secret Model

We’re talking washboard status.


These Wellness Trends Will Be HUGE In 2017

It’s never too soon for a resolution.

One Pot Dishes The Everygirl

17 One-Pot Dishes to Make for Dinner

Can someone say YUM?


5 Safe And Effective Workout Moves To Do While Pregnant

Belly dancing.


4 Crystal Rituals For Love & Money

It can’t hurt.

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