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7 Meal-Prep Staples Everyone Should Stock Up On

Daydream about your perfect Sunday and it likely involves shopping and spin class—rather than being a captive in your kitchen, meal-prepping away.

Because let’s face it: Figuring out what what you’re going to eat all week—and then whipping it up—isn’t as fun as, say, ganja yoga. But the alternative options (either spend a fortune ordering out, or become that person eating a microwave meal at her desk) are far from ideal.

Which is why cooking a week’s worth of food at a time has become so popular—yes, even among busy, high-powered execs. After all, their schedules are crazy (and many also have kids) so keeping mealtime organized is vital.

Here, pros who have built entire careers around innovative food ideas share the foods they stock up on to make meal prep as easy as possible. Incorporating one—or all—of their tips into your routine could save you loads of time. That way, you can go back to spending your Sunday exactly the way you dreamed.

Keep reading for 7 ingredients every meal-prepper should keep on hand, according to a diverse crew of industry experts.

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