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This “Bad” Habit Could Actually Mean You’re Highly Intelligent, According To Science


Good news, daydreamers: Your wandering mind is probably a sign that you’re super smart, according to a new study. “People tend to think of mind wandering as something that is bad. You try to pay attention and you can’t,” says Eric Schumacher, Georgia Tech associate psychology professor and coauthor of the study. “Our data is consistent with the idea that this isn’t always true. Some people have more efficient brains.”

Basically your brain is, like, so efficient that you process the information quickly and then your brain is all “moving on.” Your mind can’t help but wander. This efficiency points to greater brain capacity, says Eric.

So the fact that our minds keep drifting off to the mystery that is Alexander Skarsgård’s new “haircut” is actually a sign of brilliance. Great to know.

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