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8 Health Documentaries That Will Transform Your Diet

We don’t know what it is lately that’s making us feel so unhealthy, despite our attempts at home-cooking, extreme exercise and the like. Maybe it’s that we sit hunched over a laptop for nine straight hours a day and commute for two more. Or, could it be that air quality in Los Angeles, where our RZ HQ is located, is the worst in the nation? Perhaps it’s due to our fondness for rosé and chocolate, both of which are piled high on our desks at present. Whatever the culprit, we’re feeling the effects and are somewhat desperate to regain the vigor we once experienced. Since reading books on health is what we do to fall asleep at night rather than a way in which we actually accumulate knowledge on the subject, we’ve instead turned to documentaries to get informed. Here, eight which will scare you into shape, ASAP.

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