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This Is The Worst Thing You Can Eat Before A Workout, According To A Celebrity Trainer

The hardest part of working out, they say, is actually making it to the gym. (We can attest to the validity of this.) So, when you do get your butt to spin class, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your sweat session. That’s where nutrition comes in. There are some serious off-limits foods to keep in mind before you get to sweatin’—and they’re not all as obvious as pizza. In fact, most of them are actually healthy, but eating them pre-workout can hamper the effectiveness of your gym time.

We caught up with AKT founder Anna Kaiser, a celebrity trainer who’s worked with the likes of Shakira and Kelly Ripa, to get the scoop on what to eat before your workout—and what you should stay away from.


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