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It Girl Brianna Lance Shares Her Daily At-Home Workout

We have the biggest girl crush on Brianna Lance, better known to us by her Instagram handle, @breez_lance. The former Reformation designer is the ultimate multi-hyphenate—designer, DJ, musician, painter, editor, creative consultant … the list goes on, but “cool” is the only way to describe her and the certain je ne sais quoi that’s made her a rising star on Instagram. We follow her for aspirational content—the places she goes, the events she attends and the company she keeps—but also for the behind-the-scenes look at her life as both an introverted artist and a modern woman who wears many (stylish, of course) hats. Some of the best Insta stories she creates, however, involve sneak peeks of her daily at-home workouts, so we asked her to share specifics to enable us to copy her routine, stat. Here, her home exercise plan, move by move, which will give any pricey boutique fitness class a run for its money (free of charge).

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