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Why Regular Digital Detoxes May Save Your Life

After reading endless studies about how our screen addictions are hurting us, millennial Kate Unsworth founded Vinaya, an organization comprising neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers who conduct experiments to determine exactly how we’re being transformed by modern technology. (The company also makes jewelry that allows you to put your smartphone aside, alerting you only in urgent situations. Pretty cool, right?) Last year, Kate took 35 CEOs and entrepreneurs to the Moroccan desert and made them leave their technology behind. Among them were five undercover neuroscientists who observed their behaviors and found that after just a few days, they had better posture, deeper connections, improved memory, better and longer conversations, more efficient sleep and life-changing revelations about their lives. While we can’t all unplug so completely on a regular basis, we’ve compiled some research of our own to help convince you to put down your phone, turn off your computer and just be for some period of time each week—the mental, physical and social benefits of a digital detox are undeniable.

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