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10 Easy Lunch Recipes You Can Meal Prep For The Week

No matter our age, our industry, our job title, our personality or our income, there’s one thing we can all agree on—it sucks to get hungry in the middle of the workday. When your stomach is screaming at you and the hanger starts to set in, all productivity goes out the window. And who has the time (or money) to go grab a balanced meal? No one.

It’s a super-common problem, and it seems restaurants have not yet capitalized on the concept of making healthy, filling meals available on the go (for less than the price of an arm and a leg). Solution: Meal prep! We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite lunch recipes—and they’re all perfect for making ahead of time. So spend a Sunday night prepping some food, then reap the benefits all week long. Your productivity will thank you (and so will your coworkers, considering how much happier you’ll be with a full stomach!).

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