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5 Morning Recipes That Eliminate The Afternoon Slump

We’ve tried everything to avoid the energy slump that occurs daily around 3pm, to little or no avail. Usually we end up scrambling to address the problem in the moment—by taking a quick walk or shoving chocolate into our mouths. But, we thought, what if we worked to stave it off at the start of our day instead? To help us in this endeavor, we asked Kelly LeVeque, nutritionist and author behind Be Well By Kelly, to tell us which type of breakfast is best for eliminating the debilitating afternoon slump.

“The more balanced your blood sugar curve, the more energy you have, and the best way to balance blood sugar is to focus on eating mixed macronutrient meals that fuel your body, calm hunger hormones and elongate said blood sugar curve,” Kelly says. “Eating meals that contain protein, fat, fiber and greens—aka, the Fab Four—will help slow the digestion of carbohydrates and keep your blood sugar balanced for four to six hours.” Here, five breakfast recipes—including two created by Kelly herself—that will give you the sustained energy you crave.

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