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Read These 10 Books If You Couldn’t Attend The Goop Summit

We were lucky to attend the Goop Health Summit over the weekend, if for no other reason than that we got to see Gwyneth Paltrow’s face when Miranda Kerr described what it’s like to get a leech facial, and how she kept the critters as pets afterward. When something in the wellness world freaks Gwyn out, you know it’s—as the health mogul herself put it—”batsh*t crazy.” Most of the rest of what went on over the course of the jam-packed day, however, was anything but nuts, with panel after panel of impressive experts giving advice aimed at making you both physically well and sane. If you couldn’t attend to take in the many gems divulged during the summit, fret not—many of the panelists have written books, and all of them, in our opinion, are well worth a read. Here, 10 books to bury yourself in if you want to get into the Goop.

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