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4 Summer Cocktails You Can Actually Drink If You’re Trying To Be Healthy

Let us lay some knowledge on you: Cocktails—yes, cocktails!—can actually be a part of a healthy eating plan. (You’re welcome.) Of course, this doesn’t mean you can go carte blanche on the margs by the pool. To help us figure out how to enjoy summer drinks without derailing our diets, we called up Karena and Katrina, the dynamic and incredibly fit ladies behind Tone It Up. Scroll through their Instagram and you’ll find them working out, eating healthy and enjoying the occasional cocktail, proving that you can indulge in a little #RoséAllDay and still have abs.

Karena and Katrina gave us their top three tips for drinking while maintaining a healthy lifestyle: Choose your beverages wisely, dine before you drink and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. They also helpfully elaborated on each point.

“When we do want a drink, we go for wine, champagne or clear alcohol,” says Katrina. “Wine contains antioxidants for some heart-healthy perks, and clear alcohol has fewer calories and congeners, a compound that can cause more severe hangovers, than dark liquors. If you’re making a mixed drink, choose high-quality ingredients and steer clear of sugary mixers. Instead, muddle fresh berries or mint in your drink. Yum! We also like to mix our wine with sparkling water for a refreshing spritzer.”

Eating beforehand is especially crucial. “Drinking on an empty stomach causes the alcohol to go right into your bloodstream, which makes you feel the effects more quickly and feel worse the next day,” Karena explains. “Having food in your stomach, especially healthy protein, fats and carbs, helps slow down the absorption.”

Last but not least, make sure to have water. “We can’t say this enough! We always have a glass of still or sparkling water between each drink. This keeps you hydrated and helps prevent hangovers, and you still have a glass in your hand,” says Karena.

Now that you have Karena and Katrina’s tips for incorporating alcohol into your healthy lifestyle, read on to see their favorite summer cocktail recipes.

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