This Is Why You’re Not Seeing Results From Your Workouts, According To Bella Hadid’s Nutritionist

Making it to the gym can be a Herculean feat—so naturally, if you’re not seeing results from your sweat sessions, you can feel discouraged. We talked to Dr. Charles Passler, nutritionist and founder of Pure Change (he counts Bella Hadid and Adriana Lima among his clients) to find out what to do about it. “The connection between exercise and nutrition can at times be confusing,” he says. Basically, if you’re consistently going to the gym but not seeing any results, you need to take a look at what you’re eating.

“I’ve heard people say both exercise and nutrition have some sort of numerical percentage behind them as if they were one entity,” says Dr. Passler. “For example, a patient may say, ‘I’ve heard that reaching goals is 70 percent nutrition and 30 percent exercise.’ I always respond the same way: Look at nutrition and exercise as two separate parts of bigger goal. They play very different but equally important roles in reaching a lifestyle change.”

Here, he breaks down the three most common nutrition and exercise mistakes and how to correct them.

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