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3 Simple Hacks For Adding Time To Your Day From A Former Taoist Monk

No matter what we do to try to remedy the situation, we perpetually seem to feel as though there’s never enough time in the day to accomplish all that needs to be done (and enjoy, you know, living, too). It’s frustrating, and on some days this perceived lack becomes even more than an irritation—it’s a cause for panic attacks or stress-induced emotional meltdowns.

So, when we happened upon a book called The Art of Stopping Time: Practical Mindfulness For Busy People that promises easy, actionable methods for reclaiming hours in the day, we were intrigued. The book was written by Pedram Shojai, aka The Urban Monk, a doctor of Oriental medicine and a Qigong master. It offers short “gongs,” which Pedram suggests you read on a one-per-day basis. These may sound woo-woo but are actually 100% grounded in the reality of a busy 2017 lifestyle, meaning they concern email use, multitasking and more (rather than, say, the use of isolation tanks or something equally vague in benefit and difficult to implement).

Keep reading for our three favorite gongs, summarized, which you can start ASAP to add some much-needed breathing room back into your life.

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