How To Hack A Faster Metabolism

A speedier metabolism seems to be one of those unattainable life goals like subsisting solely on coffee, wine and ice cream with no negative repercussions. While the latter remains a pipe dream (sorry, fellow mochi lovers), it is actually possible to give your metabolism a boost.

Since the extent of our knowledge about metabolism is that it helps turn what we eat and drink into energy (and a high metabolism helps us burn more calories), we called in an expert to break things down for us: Tessie Tracy, certified eating psychology and mind-body coach.

“While there are many metabolisms in the body—such as liver metabolism, thyroid metabolism or digestive metabolism—the most common connection we make with this word usually comes in a statement like, ‘I want to speed up my metabolism,'” she says. “This is known as caloric-burning metabolism, or thermic efficiency. The following tips focus on this metabolism—and they help optimize all functions in the body.”

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