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How To Practice 28 Days Of Self-Love

It’s officially February, which means that your relationship status is going to feel like everything for at least the next two weeks/the rest of your life. Romantic partnering is a significant and often transformative part of our journeys through life, but who you’re dating or married to (or none of the above) is absolutely not everything. No matter what may come, there’s one person in your life who will always be with you, and that is you—which makes the relationship you have with yourself the most important and lasting relationship of your life.

In the spirit of the season, we’re taking the month to focus on a less-discussed kind of love—the kind you demonstrate to yourself. (Stay with us here.) Each day this month, check back to find tips and tricks for improving your self-esteem and health, and just generally show yourself a little TLC. You deserve the attention, and while we’re at it, we absolutely will not judge you if you send yourself flowers on the 14th.

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