The 6 Foods All Healthy Girls Are Stocking Up On Right Now

The concept of seasonal eating has been gaining steam for years within the health community. Shopping your grocery stores and farmer’s markets for produce grown locally (or as locally as possible) and sold at their peak means better tasting fruits and veggies—which, in turn, makes you want to eat them more. A total win-win. But now that we’re nearing the end of summer, the foods you’ll find in season are starting to shift (buh-bye tomatoes and strawberries, we’ll miss you), so what should you stock up on for healthy eats now? We scoured the ‘grams of your favorite health foodies to see what go-to fresh ingredients they’re currently throwing in the Vitamix, roasting for grain bowls, and sprinkling atop their chia pudding. Read on, then head to a nearby market to stock up while you still can.

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