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How To Wake Up And Not Feel Like Going Right Back To Bed

How do some people manage to look so darn perky as they sip coffee and smoothies in their Instagram stories in the morning? It all comes down to establishing a winning routine, one that’s easy for you to do every day that leaves you feeling awake, alert and inspired. You don’t have to steal an entire regimen from these fitness and wellness experts, but they have some pretty great suggestions to start.

Once you begin to develop a routine of your own, optimize it to your specific needs. Meditation for 20 minutes might not work for you, but maybe you can handle five minutes. Yoga might not be your jam, but what about a few basic stretches instead? And journaling can feel a little cliché, but what about creating a Google Doc in which you list one thing daily that you’re grateful for? We don’t all need to be fitness and wellness junkies, but we can get a little bit better at managing our morning and crushing the rest of our day.

For the full list of tips, visit Nylon.

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