8 Books That Will Make You Rich

If you’re anything like us, your personal finances leave a bit to be desired. We throw money at $10 green juices on the regular, buy stuff we don’t need (but, it was on sale!) and frequently drop anywhere between $50 and $100 on dinner and drinks with girlfriends. At the same time, we barely know if we have a 401(k), let alone if there’s any money in it, aren’t sure if we’ll ever be out from under our student loan debt, and our investments are paltry, if existent at all. Well, ladies, enough is enough—it’s 2017, and we are smart, successful women who should have $$$$ in the bank. Let’s figure this out together, shall we? Here, eight books that will improve your financial outlook considerably (or, at least, increase the guilt-factor around ordering that third glass of Bordeaux tonight).

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