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How To Make A Drastic Career Change In Your 30s

It’s not uncommon to wake up in your late 20s or early 30s wondering how exactly you managed to get stuck on whatever career path you picked—potentially at random—a decade prior. While it can be daunting to make a drastic shift so late in the game (no one wants to start from the bottom rung of any ladder in their 30s), we would argue that it’s far better to sign on for a little struggle in starting over than it is to hang on to something that isn’t working for you out of fear. To this end, we’ve enlisted some words of wisdom from Stephanie Horbaczewski, an entrepreneur whose risky, mid-30s career change paid off in spades: She left a steady job to launch Stylehaul, which is now the largest global style community of content creators and one of those rare startup success stories that was acquired after just a few years in business. Here’s how she did it. (And how you can, too!)

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