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7 Things All Successful Women Do In September

We’ve been out of school for longer than we’d like to admit, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still see the end of the summer as a time to regroup and refocus, regardless of our non-student status. The Happiness Project author Gretchen Rubin aptly summarizes this feeling as follows: “January is the official start of the new year, and I always get a burst of renewed zeal at that time, but September also gives the same feeling of an empty calendar and a clean slate. The air seems charged with possibility and renewal.” While it’s hard to let go of summer’s more hedonistic vibe, the early weeks of fall can be an ideal time to look back on the intentions you set for the year way back in January and—after having a panic attack about how few of them have been realized—double down on making things happen the way you dreamed they would in a NYE-hangover haze. Here, seven ways to make September your second-chance January.

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