Side Hustles That Actually Make You Money

Not to sound like crybabies, but it’s not easy being a millennial. We’re making the exact same amount of money our 1980s-era counterparts made, but our cost of living is exponentially higher, we can’t find jobs, we’ll never buy houses and we’ve got so much student loan debt it seems like we should actually start emigrating (read: fleeing) to Mexico soon. While the best ways to increase income, at least per popular advice, include switching jobs or simply asking for a raise, we live in a world where employers have all the power, and it’s therefore tough to earn what we’re worth at our day jobs. Instead, we may have to bring it back old-school, take our cues from our Depression-era great-grandparents and get resourceful. (Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but times are tough!) Here are a few ways to start a side hustle when your salary just doesn’t quite make ends meet.

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