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Want More Cash In 2017? Try This Holistic “Money Cleanse”

If there’s one thing that will instantly kill your New Year’s buzz, it’s looking at your credit card bills from the holiday season. (Maybe splurging on crystals for all your office mates wasn’t the most fiscally sound idea….)

But before you write off 2017 as a dud in the cash-flow department, consider this: If you can bounce back from too much festive fun by detoxing your diet, you can recover just as quickly from overspending by cleaning up your money mindset.

At least, that’s what holistic wealth expert Leanne Jacobs believes. As part of the four-week wealth makeover outlined in her new book, Beautiful Money, Jacobs recommends embarking on a “money cleanse”—a process of clearing clutter in your body, mind, and environment, an action that’s said to help you attract more prosperity.

A certified nutritionist and yoga instructor with an MBA and years of corporate experience, Jacobs swears wellness principles can be applied to your finances with profound results. “I believe the new wealth is a more holistic and spiritual look at our finances; looking at what’s behind the money,” she says. “We’ve become really great at [cleansing] our bodies, but you can also detox your way out of debt. The Beautiful Money cleanse is about getting rid of tension and chaos in your life, and that will create space for more abundance.”

Your bank statement won’t be the only thing to benefit, says Jacobs—you may also find you sleep more soundly, have a clearer sense of purpose, and feel more empowered and less fearful once you’ve cleared out those cobwebs. “This cleanse puts an emphasis on you as a whole being, on your emotions and behaviors, and that’s going to be reflected in your money,” she proclaims.

For best results, she recommends making this an ongoing practice—sort of like a daily wheatgrass shot for your finances. Bring on the green.

Want to make your financial life a whole lot healthier? Keep reading or check out the full article on Well+Good for 5 expert tips.

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