The Zoe Report

Saturday Style With Minnie Mortimer

Although she grew up in Manhattan, Minnie Mortimer and her eponymous line of cotton t-shirts, dresses and accessories feel deeply engrained in laid-back, sun-soaked California culture (PS she’s a West Coast transplant who has been living in Los Angeles for 7 years with her husband and 5-year-old daughter). Along with designing her own collection of easy-to-wear knits, Minnie collaborates with Boast USA on their preppy sportswear line and also moonlights as a photographer for new product lines at Beauty Counter. Minnie gave us her spring essentials to help us prepare for the sunny days ahead. She’ll be doing an Instatakeover today, so be sure to follow our Instagram to see all of Minnie’s weekend pics!

Minnie's Spring Faves

Jennifer Meyer Turquoise Long Bar Earrings, $800

Everyday Earrings

"As we move into spring and all begin to look a little more sun kissed, turquoise and gold is such a complement to that glow. I love delicate subtle pieces that stay feminine and mysterious." 

ETE for Limoland Elephant Print Bikini, $225

Beach Must-Have

"A whimsical and printed bikini is perfect for the beach."

Cutler & Gross Round Frame Sunglasses, $500

60's Sunnies

"Blue lenses just make me think of my favorite Twiggy image and that moment in the sixties that I wish I was a part of!"  

Lustro Face Oil 2 Jasmine, $64

Beauty Secret

"Face oil. I am so over moisturizer! I swear once you try it you’ll never go back. I especially like this one because it’s non-toxic and smells amazing."

Minnie Mortimer Charlotte Striped Dress, $182; Minnie Mortimer Betsy Tee, $75

Wardrobe Staples

"All spring long these are my go-to pieces. Easy and wearable but can be styled so many different ways." 

Edie Parker Jean Clutch, $1,195

Sparkly Clutch

"This is such a conversation piece and can be used as weapon in pinch!"  

Piamita Monkey Print Pajama Pant, $285

Daytime Pajamas

"I am all about a relaxed pant and a strong shoe right now."

Boast Classic Polo, $70

Classic Polo

"I am crazy for the Royal Tenanbaum style as well as preppy and punk moments. I often wear a polo buttoned up to the top."