Spotlight: Feeling Fall

10 Neiman Marcus Trends

As is the way of the fashion world, another sartorial season will soon be upon us. While we store away our sundresses and fall into the ensembles of autumn, we are relying on one of our favorite fashion authorities to guide us through our transitional troubles. Eternally of-the-moment, Neiman Marcus can always be counted on for tips on the top trends of the season.

For this upcoming fall, NM is emphasizing everything from leather legs and smoking slippers to navy as the new neutral. Also in their posh playbook are brooches, digital prints and of course, oh-so-autumn androgynous apparel. So cleverly coined, this borrowed-from-the-boys craze is sure to invade your armoire as the leaves begin to turn. Don’t get left behind Zoe Reporters, because with colored leaves comes a new style standard. Raise the bar of your wardrobe with this list of 10 must-have looks from the Neiman Marcus Fall Launch!

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