One For The Boys: Shinola’s Standout Goods

If you couldn’t tell, we love adding a new accessory (or two) to our repertoire more often than not, and this goes for the boys on Team Zoe too! Thanks to Detroit-based brand Shinola, aka the new haute spot for watches, bikes and leather goods, our male friends are covered in the add-ons department. Acing American luxury via American craftsmanship, the brand makes a statement with an expansive watch collection boasting multicolored faces and coordinating bands. Shinola is the first brand to make luxury watches in the US in decades, so we’re way excited to support this domestic endeavor. And let’s not forget their French-inspired bicycles! Also available in a variety of colors, these cruisers score in both the style and performance departments, making them the perfect ride for these warm summer days. So keep your eyes out—Shinola is a brand to watch!

Availability: Shinola watches, leather goods, bikes & journals available at

Easy Reader Watch

Lightweight Sweater

Dark Denim

Chukka Boots

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