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Look Chic In The Snow With Etro

If you weren’t already looking forward to your upcoming escape this holiday break, imagine hitting the snowy slopes with a stylish snowboard from Etro. These prettily-patterned designs have even the least athletic fashionistas praying for a snow day.

Etro’s exclusive snowboards might be considered a dream buy, but at least you’ll get plenty of use out of them! Made to take on snow-powdered slopes plus an endless amount of trips to the mountains, these designer decks make the perfect gift (even if the recipient is yourself!). Available only for a limited time, plan to get your paws on an Etro snowboard ASAP—a game-changing release this good is sure to go fast.

Availability: Etro Snowboards ($2330-2410) available at Etro boutiques. For more information, call 310.248.2855.


Silhouette Banana Snowboard

Roxy, $350

Hit the slopes in style by pairing your show-stopping snowboard with a cozy-chic, cold weather getup:

Metallic Coat


Leather Pants

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